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WATCH: New Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 Gameplay Footage & Details Revealed

WATCH: New Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 Gameplay Footage & Details Revealed

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 will bring new features, weapons and locations — here are all the details and some accompanying gameplay.

We recently sat in on a hands-off preview event for Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2, where developers Skydance Interactive gave us a look at some brand new gameplay and detailed some new features coming in Retribution. You can check out snippets of gameplay in the video above, provided by Skydance Interactive, which runs through footage of everything we mention below.

Retribution will feature new locations, one of which is Sonny’s Pawn Shop. Operated by the “fast-talking wheeler and dealer” Sonny, here you’ll be able to update your mission tasks and trade for supplies using a sliding door under the counter. Trading with Sonny will open up options for crafting and collecting survival gear. In fact, Skydance told us that crafting is “greatly expanded” in Retribution, and now includes “more recipes, materials and even a new set of crafting tables.”

That’s probably a good thing, because you’re going to need all the gear you can scavenge if you want to survive on the streets at night. That’s right, Chapter 2 will allow the tourist to travel around the city at night, which comes with increased risk and more walkers.

While operating at night, you’ll be able to use some new tools to guide your way, including a flashlight and flares. However, walkers are sensitive to light — use your flashlight too much and you’ll draw lots of attention. That being said, you might want to use flares to do just that — throw one in the opposite direction and you might be able to draw some walkers away.

Chapter 2 will also feature a brand new area of New Orleans — the famous French Quarter. Tower guards will be roaming the streets, so you’ll have to be vigilant, but you might find some new items lying around. One of these is the new laser sight, which can be attached to almost any firearm for better headshots and accuracy.

There’s also some new weapons, such as the submachine gun and, of course, the chainsaw. The Retribution announcement trailer gave us a short peek at the chainsaw in action, and after seeing more, it definitely looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

To get it started, you’ll have to rip the motor cord and hold on with both hands while wielding. The controllers will rumble in sync with the motor, and haptic feedback will make it feel like you’re getting stuck when you slice through a walker, giving some extra realism.

The footage closes out with a short but terrifying glimpse at The Axeman, the villain teased in previous instalments and, presumably, one of Chapter 2’s main antagonists.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 – Retribution is set for release later this year on PC VR, Quest 2 and the original PSVR headset, with a PSVR 2 release to follow in 2023.

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