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New Rift Game Teased From Sanzaru Games, Creators Of Marvel VR

New Rift Game Teased From Sanzaru Games, Creators Of Marvel VR

Cryptic tweets are fun to dissect sometimes, but this one rivals on the verge of almost unfair in how ambiguous it is. Yesterday afternoon the official Oculus Rift Twitter account tweeted out a GIF of an ornate, mystical door ordained with a reef of antlers and emblazoned with skulls and flames seen quietly flickering against a wall. All the tweet says is: “Adventure awaits through this door. How will you forge your destiny? A new journey coming soon from and Oculus Studios. with no other indication of what it’s about.

See for yourself:

Now, it seems to be pretty clearly tied to a brand new title rather than related to Marvel Powers United VR, the company’s previous game. I asked an Oculus representative for more details. They mentioned that the hashtags hint that this door may be an item that you can place in Oculus Home.

The first part of the tweet references “adventure” and forging a “destiny” which certainly gives off some very mystical vibes. Adventure style narrative VR games like The Gallery, Obduction, Lone Echo, and Robinson: The Journey are some of the most captivating experiences available so it would be great to see Sanzaru tackle something like that. Both Marvel Powers United VR and VR Sports Challenge (a Touch launch title they worked on) are designed to be easy pick-up-and-play short burst type games, so I’d love to see them work no something longer form.

Ultimately we just don’t know very much about this one yet. Stay tuned for more as we learn it and let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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