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Sony Drops New Resident Evil Village VR Mode Trailer For PSVR 2

Sony Drops New Resident Evil Village VR Mode Trailer For PSVR 2

Sony dropped a new trailer for Resident Evil Village’s VR mode, which launches the same day as PlayStation VR2 on February 22.

Just over a week from launch, this new trailer gives us our best look yet at how Village translates into VR. While we got a first teaser trailer with the initial announcement back in June last year, this is a much more in-depth look. Keen-eyed viewers will notice that Ethan now has full arms connected to his hands during gameplay, whereas the gameplay segments in the initial teaser trailer only featured floating hands.

Another segment shows the player reaching into Ethan’s jacket and pulling out a torch, a nice immersive detail that should help flesh out the VR experience compared to the original. We also get a glimpse at item interactions, weapon management and a shooting range in the trailer as well.

A demo of the VR mode is also confirmed, which will be available on the same day as release, February 22. At the very end, a stinger shows the player banging out a (fairly simple) tune on the in-game piano using their virtual hands – another nice touch.

We can’t wait to get our hands on PSVR 2 and try out Resident Evil Village next week – it’s one of many PSVR 2 launch titles available next week.

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