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New Photos Leaked For PS5 Dev Kit With PS4-Like Prototype Controller

New Photos Leaked For PS5 Dev Kit With PS4-Like Prototype Controller

While we still have no idea what the actual PlayStation 5 console itself looks like, we at least have a very firm grasp on the development kit’s design.

Thanks to a new leak posted online, we’ve got a new look at it complete with a prototype controller that looks extremely similar to the PS4’s DualShock 4. The leak was initially shared in what looks to be a Group on Facebook by someone named Patrick who claims to be a “cleaner” and is seen wiping down and dusting a PS5 dev kit in a photo. The post was screenshot and shared to Reddit by user u/Browning9978.

PS5 Devkit Cleaning from r/PS5

He also shared two other photos that give a clear shot of the prototype controller, which appears to be similar to the PS4 controller, as well as the front of the dev kit with the display on and a mouse plugged in.

Before you start freaking out that the PS5 will have some bizarre design like this, keep in mind this is a dev kit unit. Dev kits are used by developers to develop and test games prior to release and usually have more debug features, similar to an actual PC. The Xbox One and PS4 dev kits also have strange designs that are much more focused on function over form so there is a roughly 0% chance the release version of the PS5 will look like this.

We’ve seen this dev kit before though, so the real interesting bit here is that the prototype controller that’s plugged into the unit appears to be just like a PS4 controller, complete with its large touchpad and similar design. Sony’s controllers rarely undergo heavy revisions and still look very, very similar to the original DualShock that was released all the way back in 1997.

According to patent reports, the actual PS5 controller may not have a lightbar at all. We can’t tell in this prototype image one way or another, but given other patents about the next PSVR headset things could be quite different on the VR front when Sony releases its new console this holiday season.

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