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New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 06/18/17

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 06/18/17

Welcome to another week chronicling the latest releases for HTC Vive. We’ve got a couple highlights for you that are of incredibly different flavors. Chess Ultra is a visually impressive experience that pits you either against online players or a collection of AI modeled after chess grandmasters. VINDICTA channels expertise of a different kind, giving you a shooting experience that’s enhanced by insight given to the dev team from a military expert.

In the meantime, if you missed the previous iteration of this list, you can see those new releases here. And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group, complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR.

We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options.

New HTC Vive Releases on Steam

Xion, from Zenz VR

Price: $8.99 (Currently Discounted)

Xion channels the nostalgia of arcade shoot-em-up games with a 90s aesthetic splashed over voxels. The gameplay is kept interesting with randomized levels similar to rogue-likes and you can continue to enhance your ship as you work toward the hardest level.

Recommendation: Check this one out if you like either voxels or top-down shooters. Or both!

Unearthing Mars VR, from Winking Entertainment

Price: $10.49 (Currently Discounted)

Unearthing Mars drops you onto the mysterious red planet for an adventure. There are multiple gameplay mechanics from puzzle solving to shooting and, while short, players will experience quite a bit.

Recommendation: Give this one a look if you’re feeling like a journey through space.

Space Panic VR, from Xefier Games Inc.

Price: $5.24 (Currently Discounted)

Space Panic is an escape the room experience that takes place aboard a space station. There are multiple puzzles to solve but you’re also working to get the best time and climb the leaderboards.

Recommendation: Could be worth a look if you want more of a challenge.

SPACE DVRTS, from Laser Fuel Games

Price: $1.59 (Currently Discounted)

SPACE DVRTS is a dart combat experience that takes place across different environments in space. On a hostile planet, you play a few games of darts as you guard the ships while your team is on an adventure. But then things take a turn for the worst.

Recommendation: Mostly just two half-developed games mushed together. Good price, but probably a pass for most people.

VR Photo Viewer, from SprocketVR

Price: $9.74 (Currently Discounted)

This program gives you a platform to view your Photosphere, Cardboard Camera, and other media in room scale VR. You can load content from your Google Photo collection or local system.

Recommendation: There are free and/or cheaper platforms that are more robust. Pass.

Mocove Arts VR, from Mocove Studio

Price: $2.99 (Currently Discounted)

Mocove Arts VR welcomes you into a virtual museum where you can view legendary works of art that span different time periods. There are over 1,000 paintings and over 50 sculptures for you to view with 14 pieces of classical music accenting your experience.

Recommendation: Pretty solid escape that can serve as a bit of calming, informative tour. Great for art connoisseurs.

Diesel Express VR, from Lazylab Games

Price: $9.99

In Diesel Express VR you take on the role of a Legionnaire of the Regiment and your task is to make sure Dreadnoughts make it to their destinations safely. As you take on enemies in their dieselpunk vehicles, this title gives a Mad Max-style experience.

Recommendation: Could become something special, keep an eye on it through Early Access.

Chess Ultra, from Ripstone

Price: $12.99

Chess Ultra is a visual feast with 4K visuals outside of VR and a variety of ways and environments in which to experience chess. You can play against 10 Grandmaster AIs or against online opponents.

Recommendation: This is a must-have for any chess fan.

VR Guest, from Alison M. Bailey, Chronos Development Studios

Price: $9.99

Have you ever wanted to have a chat with Albert Einstein, Mozart, or Kleopatra? VR Guest is your chance. This experience lets you be a fly on the wall while they have a thoughtful discussion and then you can ask questions at the end.

Recommendation: A bit pricey for the premise. History buffs might get a kick out of it.

Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing for VIVE Trackers, from Rebuff Reality

Price: $5.19 (Currently Discounted)

Redfoot Bluefoot is a dancing game where you’ll actually be strapping the VIVE trackers to your feet. It’s suggested you use the Rebuff Reality TrackStrap in this DDR influenced dance fest.

Recommendation: If you want to purchase additional gear ($14.99) on top of the Vive trackers, then sure, give it a go.

RoboTraps, from Poltergames

Price: $8.49 (Currently Discounted)

In RoboTraps, a corporation wants you to remote control their collection of lethal products. You’ll work your way through a collection of puzzles while making sure the work robots don’t destroy themselves.

Recommendation: A solid pick for Lemmings or Fly to Kuma fans., from VRider, Inc.

Price: Free

MultiVR gives you a beautiful virtual space that you can explore, settle down in, and customize with an intuitive toolbox. There are 19 environments, video players, and more to get the most of the virtual space without removing the headset (some elements limited to the paid version at $9.99).

Recommendation: Check out the free version and see if you fall in love with it before diving into the paid version.

Drone Hero, from Neuston AB

Price: $11.69 (Currently Discounted)

In Drone Hero, you must steer a remote-controlled drone through goals and dodge different weapons and obstacles all the while. There are 25 increasingly difficult challenges and grades for each chapter.

Recommendation: Nothing special, probably a pass unless you just love drones.

VINDICTA, from Game Cooks

Price: $20.09 (Currently Discounted)

VINDICTA is an intense VR shooter with mechanics enhanced by insight from a military vet. UB Industries is building a robot army to take over the world and you’re the elite agent tasked with infiltrating and putting an end to them once and for all.

Recommendation: Very solid shooter with some of the best accuracy on the market. Check it out.

Deadly Hunter VR, from Leiting Interactive

Price: Free

Deadly Hunter is a wave shooter where you play as an Orc hunter that must utilize the best traps as you take on his enemies. Dodge the enemy attacks as you learn their weakness and expose them.

Recommendation: This is quite the intense experience and its free. Check it out.

Keep Defending, from Faster Time Games Limited

Price: $8.79 (Currently Discounted)

In Keep Defending your task is simple: Just do what the name of the game says and keep defending. You’re an archer that must build up your defenses and take down the enemies before they reach your gate. You earn gold as you progress to improve your defensive constructs.

Recommendation: May be worth a look if you don’t have a ton of defense shooters in your library already.

Dwingle: B.O.T, from XXII GROUP

Price: $5.59 (Currently Discounted)

Dwingle is a narrative puzzler where you interact with the environment alongside Bot the robot. You two will build a connection and evolve as you progress through the story.

Recommendation: Clever little interactive game. Recommended.

RunVR, from Smoketree Studios

Price: $5.39 (Currently Discounted)

RunVR‘s premise is simple enough, giving you a platform that shows what the developers consider to be the best way to run, jump, and climb around in VR.

Recommendation: If you’re interested in a locomotion tech demo, check it out, although the price is high for something that isn’t actually a game.

New HTC Vive Releases on Viveport

Natatorium, from Blue King Technology

Price: Free

Natatorium is a visual experience that shows off a highly detailed swimming pool facility running in the Unreal engine.

Recommendation: Check it out to get a look at some impressive visuals.

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