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New Green Hell VR Trailer Focuses On VR Interactions & Visuals

New Green Hell VR Trailer Focuses On VR Interactions & Visuals

A new trailer for the upcoming VR port of Green Hell is here, showcasing more footage of how the game looks and plays in VR ahead of its release for PC VR and Quest next year.

Green Hell began its life as a flatscreen survival game, developed by Creepy Jar, set in the jungle and forcing players to gather resources, fend off predators and fight for survival. The game is now making its way over to VR headsets and this new trailer gives us one of our closest looks yet at how everything will transfer across to the new medium.

The trailer, embedded above, shows full motion controls and mechanics that have been reworked especially for VR, allowing players to act out their jungle survival lives with increased immersion.

It also gives us a look at how the visuals have transferred across, although this seems to be the PC VR version and it’s not clear if any Quest footage is shown at any point. All-in-all though, it’s shaping up to be a pretty promising port.

Both the PC VR and Quest version of the game are now set to release in Q1 of 2022. The initial plan was to release the PC VR version first in Q3 2021 and then follow up with the Quest version in Q4. However the studio announced a delay back in August, in order to “polish the mechanics even further” and ensure players get the best experience possible.

We do know that the PC VR port and Quest are being developed at the same time, but handled by two separate teams. This in-tandem, two-studio development technique — along with the push to 2022 — hopefully positions the game well for a same-day release on both Quest and PC VR next year.

Are you looking forward to Green Hell VR? Let us know in the comments.

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