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New Gear VR Releases: Conquer A Fear Of Spiders And More

New Gear VR Releases: Conquer A Fear Of Spiders And More

The five new releases for the Gear VR this week bring you to space and the Australian shore, promote you to sheriff of a western town, and you may even be able to conquer your fear of spiders. You can also go face to face with the haka pre-game ritual performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

I haven’t tried all these experiences yet, but it sure sounds like a fun week in the Oculus store. I can’t say I quite believe the whole “conquer your fear of spiders” thing, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

We’ll look at some of these experiences in depth later, but here are some quick summaries.

AIG Haka 360 (Free)


Developer: BuildVR

Description: “AIG, Major Global Sponsor of the All Blacks, is bringing rugby fans closer to the haka than ever before with this innovative virtual reality Haka 360 Experience. The Haka 360 Experience app uses 360 degree video technology to give the viewer the feeling of being on the field with the All Backs and in the midst of the powerful Maori ritual.”

Itsy ($3)


Developer: immerse

Description: “Conquer your fear of spiders! Itsy is an exposure therapy game intended to reduce fear of spiders. The player interacts with spiders by completing novel tasks, collecting points and beating boss stages whilst getting dynamic coaching from a virtual therapist. Starting with a cartoony spider, intensity gradually increases with game progression.”



Developer: ARLOOPA

Description: “SHERIFF VR is a western-themed game where you play the sheriff of a Western town. A gang of armed robbers plans to attack and loot a train in your town. As sheriff, it’s up to you to stop them!”

Space Agent ($1)


Developer: Chesstar Studios

Description: “Space Agent lets you assume the role of an airship pilot in the far distant future. You’ll embark on a journey to execute a secret mission and travel across the galaxy. The difficulties you’ll face will depend on your piloting ability. Take flight!”

The Reef Two Rocks Australia (Free)


Developer: Viewport

Description: “Dreamy sunsets, sandy toes & summer memories. There’s something special about living by the sea. Breathing the fresh salty air, sinking your toes into the sand, dropping a line or diving into the sapphire water – it’s simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. Enjoy an eternal connection to the sea at The Reef and slip into a more natural rhythm of life. Dig your toes in the sand and watch the sun melt into the sea. Let the kids run free in The Reef’s established parks. Drop a line at the Two Rocks Marina, or surf the local break, dubbed ‘The Spot.’ Or simply pop into town and enjoy lunch with a view – the choice is yours.”

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