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Nerf Ultimate Championship Releases August 25, New Gameplay Overview Trailer

Nerf Ultimate Championship brings foam bullet action into VR for Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) on August 25.

And we’ve got a new gameplay trailer previewing some of the action.

The new footage debuted today in our UploadVR Showcase, giving an overview of some of the game modes and guns that will be available at launch.

Nerf Ultimate Championship Release Date Revealed

The game will be a competitive multiplayer title with a mix of first-person shooter and parkour gameplay. You can shoot, sprint, double jump and even wall run with “energy-enhanced battle shoes.”

There’s a practice area for your parkour moves, along with a ‘Blaster Zone’ where you can practice shooting the various types of Nerf guns. There’s motorized blasters for example — good for sustained fire but requiring some wind up time– as well as priming blasters — good for letting out single shots with little delay.

In terms of game modes, the trailer shows three team-based competitive modes across different maps. On the Colosseum map, teams will fight over one central control point, a la TF2’s King of the Hill mode. The Mesa map is similar, but plays out more like TF2’s classic Control Point mode — instead of just one control point, both teams will be rotating around the map to maintain control of three.

There’s also a map with a classic arena mode, Blast City, where teams will be fighting to secure kills and reach a target score to win.

Developer Secret Location says this is just a “small part” of plans for the game at launch day and beyond, with “multiple seasons of free content” planned, including additional maps, game modes and guns.

Nerf Ultimate Championship releases August 25 for Quest 2.

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