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Exclusive New Footage Of Naau: The Lost Eye Debuts Right Here

Exclusive New Footage Of Naau: The Lost Eye Debuts Right Here

Launching later this year, Naau: The Lost Eye is a mystical VR title for PC VR and we just debuted some fantastic new footage in the pre-show of our UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition.

Naau: The Lost Eye is an upcoming title by Studio Gambit, created exclusively for VR and launching into Early Access at some point later this year. It is an action, adventure and puzzle game set in the mystical world of Naau, where you’ll be able to design your own weapon and fight against some classic fantasy baddies like wizards, golems, giant trees and many more.

A more traditional teaser trailer had already released for Naau back in September 2019, but the new footage that debuted today is a bit different. It’s all one unedited sequence of footage taken from the game, showing some creepy Black Order-like villains come through a portal and extract something out of the chest of a floating, ethereal lady and/or spirit.

This new footage is absolutely beautiful and visually stunning. When you take the aforementioned teaser trailer into account, you start to get a better idea of how the game will play out. There’s some combat, some puzzles and also a clear story involving this ethereal spirit lady and the villains that take a spiritual or mystical element away from her. Could that element be the titular ‘Lost Eye’? We’re not sure, but we’re certainly intrigued.

The game will release into Early Access this year for PC VR, with no confirmation either way for other platforms like PSVR or Oculus Quest. It is available to wishlist on Steam.

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