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Mythic Realms Turns Your Home Into A Mixed Reality Fantasy RPG On Quest App Lab

Mythic Realms mixed reality game

Mythic Realms turns your room into a mixed-reality fantasy RPG, and the demo launches today on Quest App Lab.

Developed by Petricore Games, Mythic Realms offers a 'blended' experience that switches between MR and VR gameplay. After encountering a mysterious object that causes a transformation, you're soon transported to a parallel world that turns your rooms into dungeons with mixed reality and monster fights. You can see gameplay below running on Quest 3.


Detailed further on the App Lab page, you're tasked with rebuilding a kingdom and that involves gathering materials needed for reconstruction efforts. Mythic Realms includes a build mode where you design your kingdom in MR and then jump directly into it through VR. A progression system is also mentioned for strengthening your character, letting you level up various skills.

The full game is currently in active development and targets a late 2024 launch, but the Mythic Realms demo arrives today on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab.

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