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Myst Update Adds Hand Tracking Support And More On Quest

Myst Update Adds Hand Tracking Support And More On Quest

A new update is available for Myst which adds hand tracking support and other requested features.

Players can now use hand tracking for the entire Myst experience from start to finish on Quest with gestures for smooth locomotion and other interactions. You can also seamlessly switch back to controllers whenever needed, so you can easily swap between the two input methods depending on your situation.

“Implementing hand tracking in Myst seemed like an exciting technical challenge and a cool new feature to bring to players,” said Cyan Development Director Hannah Gamiel, speaking to the Oculus Blog. “Additionally, it’s one of those things which makes sense for Myst—we already have a ton of options to make the game accessible to folks, and this is just one more way that people who otherwise couldn’t experience Myst can now play the game.”

There’s also a new “Classic Videos Mode” which adds in the original Myst videos (with sound) for most of the character interactions. Plus, there’s a new in-game journaling system, allowing you to take in-game screenshots for reference later with an in-game photo album. The developers say this should help you mark important information for reference, without having to take your headset off to write anything down.

Back on release, we thought Myst on Quest was a good translation of a classic into a new medium:

If you’re looking to explore Myst for the first time — or perhaps play “co-op” with family like I did — Myst VR is a definitely faithful, upgraded, and solid port of a landmark game that’s hard not to recommend everyone play at least once. It might be a little straining and lonely after a time, but that’s always been true of Myst.

You can read more in our full review. For further info on the Hands and More update, check out this post on the Oculus Blog.

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