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Mozilla Lays Off 250 People, Teams Working On XR-Related Projects Affected

Mozilla Lays Off 250 People, Teams Working On XR-Related Projects Affected

The organization behind the Firefox Web browser as well as a series of XR-related projects, including the Mozilla Hubs Web-based social networking work, laid off a significant number of people in a restructuring effort.

Approximately 250 people will lose their jobs and another 60 will be reassigned, according to communications shared by Mozilla Corporation CEO and Mozilla Foundation Chairwoman Mitchell Baker.

The communications suggest there might still be life for the group’s work with Hubs — an innovative social networking effort that used Web-based technologies to create VR spaces you could join with a link from a wide range of devices. Exactly what the Hubs effort might look like after the restructuring remains unclear. A message sent to employees states Mozilla is “organizing a new product organization outside of Firefox that will both ship new products faster and develop new revenue streams. Our initial investments will be Pocket, Hubs, VPN, Web Assembly and security and privacy products.”

A message sent by the Mozilla Hubs Twitter account added “we’re still learning how Hubs will be impacted with the restructuring. . .and we hope to have more information to share about what this means for Hubs and Hubs Cloud soon.”

Baker’s communications said that those losing their jobs would receive severance “at least equivalent to full base pay through December 31, 2020”.

“Our pre-COVID plan for 2020 included a great deal of change already: building a better internet by creating new kinds of value in Firefox; investing in innovation and creating new products; and adjusting our finances to ensure stability over the long term.,” Baker explained. “Economic conditions resulting from the global pandemic have significantly impacted our revenue. As a result, our pre-COVID plan was no longer workable.”

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