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Moss Gets A New Chapter Called Twilight Garden, Coming First To Quest

Moss Gets A New Chapter Called Twilight Garden, Coming First To Quest

To coincide with the launch of the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset on May 21, Polyarc is adding new content to Moss that’s never been seen before. Dubbed Twilight Garden, this new chapter will test players with large environments, unique weapons, and a “new realm” of puzzles and enemies.

Moss is a unique VR game in that it does not take place from the first-person perspective like most others and actually has you control a character other than yourself using analog sticks. In this way it’s more like an evolution of third-person 3D platformers and action games than it is a natural extension of the VR format, but the developers did a great job of innovating on the genre. We were huge fans in our review, scoring it a 9/10.

The update will come to the Quest version as part of the game on launch but will later release for all other versions as a free update. Worth noting, this is not Moss 2 or a full-on continuation of the story by any means. There’s no word yet on length either but since the entire original game can be completed in just about 2-3 hours we wouldn’t expect the Twilight Garden content to take a considerable amount of time to beat.

Moss’ new Twilight Garden chapter will be available for day one on Oculus Quest starting May 21 with the initial debut of the game there and will come to PSVR, Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets in June.

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