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Moss VR Full Walkthrough Video Series

Update: This was originally written for and filmed on the PSVR version of Moss, which released earlier this year, but now that the game is releasing on Rift and Vive we’ve republished the series for people that will be playing the game on PC for the first time.

Original: Moss is finally out on PSVR and even though it’s short, only coming in at around 3-4 hours for a single first playthrough, it packs a lot of charm, challenge, and fun into those few hours. If you tally up all the times I died and got stuck on puzzles then Moss easily took me close to 4 hours total.

Since the game features a lot of really complex (and often difficult) puzzles we’ve put together this playlist of gameplay that walks you through the entire game from start to finish. The first two videos also doubled as livestreams that we did this week, while the last three are straight gameplay videos.

You can see all five of the walkthrough videos embedded down below right here, but if you’d rather just watch them all in a playlist on YouTube directly, then you can totally do that too. Here’s the Moss Walkthrough playlist link.

Are walkthroughs something you’d want to see more of from us? Are you playing and enjoying Moss? Let us know if so on either point down in the comments below!


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