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Moss Comes To PlayStation VR In February 2018

Moss Comes To PlayStation VR In February 2018

Third-person mouse adventure Moss is coming to PlayStation VR in February 2018, Sony revealed at Paris Games Week.

The game from Polyarc makes use of a third-person perspective like Playful’s Lucky’s Tale to control Quill, an adorable mouse.

Here’s what we had to say about the game from our hands-on earlier this year:

Moss is designed to be approachable and enjoyable for anyone, which means a balanced approach between exploration, puzzles, and combat. The first room I entered had a handful of little scarab-like creatures that I quickly dispatched of, but the rest of my demo was all about puzzles.

Reaching out with the controller again I could move and interact with objects that glowed as the wisp touched them. That includes large blocks, statues, and spinning cylinders. A major theme in Quill is the sheer sense of scale as everything from small plants, leaves, blocks, and more are all enormous in size when compared to Quill. She’s quite similar to a re-imagined modern day Mighty Mouse.

Look for pre-orders coming soon.

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