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Comfirmed - Moss: Book II Coming To Quest 2 This Summer

Comfirmed - Moss: Book II Coming To Quest 2 This Summer

Moss: Book II is coming to Quest 2 headsets this summer, after launching exclusively on PSVR a few weeks ago.

The news broke via a new trailer aired during today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, confirming a Summer 2022 launch for the game on Quest 2.

While nonetheless good news, this is perhaps one of the least surprising announcements from today’s showcase. Developers Polyarc had previously expressed plans to bring Moss: Book II to other non-PSVR platforms “as soon as possible.”

Moss 2 Quest 2 Trailer

Now with confirmation of a Quest release, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for an eventual PC VR release (and maybe even PSVR 2, down the line) as well, but no news on that front just yet.

We enjoyed the sequel when we reviewed its PSVR release earlier this month. We noted that it was a solid sequel to the original and built well on those ideas, but still left us wanting just a little bit more:

[Moss: Book II] adds brilliant new gameplay mechanics that make for some innovative combat encounters, whilst puzzles prove to be a surprise highlight. More impressive, though, are some of the ways the game catches you off-guard with both the story and that series-defining bond you establish with Quill reaching new heights. But, just as with the first entry, you’re left wanting more of just about everything; its a longer game but still on the lean side, ending just as its best ideas start to get fleshed out. Greedy as it may sound, this still isn’t the sweeping epic you know this series has in it, but instead another reassuring step towards getting there. 

Moss: Book II is available for PSVR now and releases for Quest 2 this summer. You can read our full review of the PSVR version here.

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