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Moss: Book II Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PSVR

Moss: Book II Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PSVR

Our latest graphics comparison is here looking at the differences between Moss: Book II on Quest 2 and PSVR.

Moss: Book II is a follow up and continuation of the fantastic VR platformer Moss, developed by Polyarc and available across all VR platforms. While the sequel released earlier this year, it was only available on PSVR at launch. However, Quest 2 was confirmed soon after and released on the platform today.

Naturally, we had to capture some video from both versions of Moss: Book II and see how they stack up against each other. The short answer? Pretty well!

The footage above is taken from the opening 10 minutes of the game, captured on Quest 2 and PSVR connected to a PS5 console. The differences between the two are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty negligible — the game’s diorama environments are quite beautiful to behold on both headsets.

However, there are a few differences to look out for, if you’ve got a keen eye. While the Quest 2 version generally appears sharper, PSVR does have some more dynamic lighting effects which seem to be missing on Quest 2 — you can see an example of the difference in the thumbnail for the YouTube video comparison embedded above. Still, we’d say the differences are fairly minor and both version look pretty fantastic inside the headset.

You can read our full review of the PSVR release of Moss: Book II here.

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