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MixCast 2.0 Lets You Stream Mixed Reality VR Without A Green Screen

MixCast 2.0 Lets You Stream Mixed Reality VR Without A Green Screen

Today Blueprint Reality is announcing the release of MixCast 2.0, which is now available for download.

The biggest barrier to more people recording and streaming amazing mixed reality videos like this Beat Saber one is the equipment cost. Setting up lighting sources, multiple cameras, a green screen, potentially complex recording/streaming/other software, and getting it all to cooperate in harmony isn’t easy.

We’ve written extensively about the early days of mixed reality capture and the likes of LIV have certainly made it easier than before and even work with depth cameras, but the issue remains that if you don’t have the room for a dedicated filming space with a green screen or other extra equipment, you’re probably not doing mixed reality content right now. MixCast 2.0 wants to change that.

Worth noting is that we have not tried this for ourselves, so it’s unclear if the video and images were made with or without a green screen for marketing purposes.

Using their special WildKey technology you no longer need a green screen to isolate subjects within a frame to remove backgrounds. The MixCast software also natively supports recording, streaming to most major stream platforms, and doing timelapse footage all from within the VR app.

“We’ve really worked on the ease-of-use aspects of MixCast for this release,” explained Blueprint Reality CEO and co-founder Tarrnie Williams in an email to UploadVR. “No experience is necessary, but those with an eye for cinematography will find it put to good use with MixCast 2.0.”

Williams goes on to explain that literally all you need to film mixed reality content like the shots in the above video using the program are a VR-ready PC, a PC VR headset like the Rift, Vive, or a Windows VR device, and a camera connected to your PC. Supposedly, that’s it. The MixCast 2.0 software is designed to do the rest with optional support for stuff like green screens, trackers, depth cameras, Intel RealSense, and capture cards.

Future plans for MixCast, according to Williams, include “deeper cinematography tools, distribution and output options, as well as adding support for more VR hardware and cameras. The most valuable features for us are the ones that our community is asking for.”

Quick side note: yes, this is the same company behind the charming little puzzle game, Awaken.

If you’re eager to give MixCast 2.0 a try for yourself, you can check it out at the official MixCast website and engage with developers and content creators over at the company’s Discord server.

Let us know what you think of this so far down in the comments below!

Update: We’ve made a correction regarding LIV and added a disclaimer right before the video.


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