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Lenovo Mirage Solo Runs Normal Android Apps In 2D (Even PUBG)

Lenovo Mirage Solo Runs Normal Android Apps In 2D (Even PUBG)

Google appears to have hidden some of the most compelling features of Lenovo’s Mirage Solo — the $400 standalone VR headset which debuted last week.

Among them: the headset appears perfectly capable of running anything from the Google Play Store in a 2D mode. I just installed PUBG Mobile on the Mirage Solo and was able to get into a match and control movement, albeit painfully, using the included Daydream controller.

We still need to try connecting a controller over USB to see if the game can be properly controlled while in VR. I’ll post instructions separately to get any Android app you want installed on the Daydream headset.

I’ll detail this in a separate post as well, but in addition we’ve discovered that once a developer menu is activated on the headset a number of interesting options are revealed. This menu lets you turn on screen recording and screenshots, and one option forces apps to work with six degrees of freedom. Yet another option removes the safety restrictions and allows free walk-around movement for large spaces. I walked maybe 40 feet outside in Daydream’s home area then turned around and walked back with no major tracking glitches.

More to come.

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