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10% Of Microsoft Flight Simulator Users Play Exclusively In VR

10% Of Microsoft Flight Simulator Users Play Exclusively In VR

The developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator revealed that 10% of users play exclusively using VR headsets.

The statistic came up as part of a response to a user-submitted question in a live-streamed developer Q&A, which has since been posted to YouTube and is embedded below.

The question was asked when the developers said they were “planning on tackling VR issues.” This likely refers to the known VR-specific bugs listed in the latest development update, many of which are marked as ‘under investigation.’ You can see a full list of those bugs over on the Flight Simulator blog.

While addressing the question, Jorg Neumann, Asobo’s Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, noted that around 10% of players exclusively use VR headsets to play the game, completely forgoing any form of flatscreen experience. Neumann said that while he has to play on many platforms, he would consider himself almost part of that 10%, as he plays quite frequently using VR.

As for the issues at hand, Neumann promises that they are aware and aiming to fix them as soon as possible. Here’s the full quote:

“Honestly it came up last time [in the developer Q&A video] and we had planned on talking about VR last time … And it’s just … Frankly, we know 10% of you play pretty much exclusively in VR. And I would say I’m close to one of you. I play on different devices but I play on VR all the time. And we just need to dedicate the time. I’m sorry. We get that there’s a lot going on, but … We’re going to sit down, this week or next week, and talk it through. We have your feedback, we know it’s important and we need to just go do the work.”

In other recent Flight Simulator news, the game is set to receive helicopters later this year, while hand tracking support for VR is ‘under consideration.’ 

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