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E3 2017: Microsoft Announces Scorpio Is Now Xbox One X Releasing Nov. 7 For $499

E3 2017: Microsoft Announces Scorpio Is Now Xbox One X Releasing Nov. 7 For $499

Even though Microsoft confirmed it won’t be showing any of its wireless VR headsets at E3 this week with Xbox Scorpio we know it’s going to eventually have VR support. On that note, finally finding out the price and release date for what should be the most powerful game console on the market is a big deal.

During Microsoft’s official E3 press conference the company announced the upcoming Xbox One X is releasing November, 7th for $499.

We originally learned about One X’s specs back in April: “a CPU with eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz, GPU with 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz, 12GB GDDR5 memory, and a memory bandwidth of 326GBs. For comparison, the original Xbox One had an eight core CPU, GPU with 12 compute units and 8GB of DDR3 memory.”

But none of that came as a big surprise — we expected good hardware. The question has always been and will continue to be until proven otherwise what Microsoft is doing to instill confidence in its consumers and fans with quality software releases. As it stands today, there is very little reason to own an Xbox One if you already have a PlayStation 4 or gaming PC because there are almost zero exclusive titles.

The new Xbox is poised to go head-to-head with Sony’s previously released PlayStation 4 Pro, which isn’t a “true” 4k gaming console and mostly focuses on up-scaling existing games and occasionally improved framerates. However, it does have the price advantage at just $399. The Xbox One X is priced at $499.

The Xbox One X will be 100% compatible with all existing Xbox One and One S accessories and it will be the smallest (in terms of size) Xbox to date.

Stay tuned to UploadVR’s E3 News Hub for more on Xbox One X, Microsoft, and all of the week’s latest announcements.

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