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Meta 'Warranty Plus' Adds Two Years Accidental Damage Coverage For Quest 2 & Pro

Meta 'Warranty Plus' Adds Two Years Accidental Damage Coverage For Quest 2 & Pro

Meta now offers a ‘Warranty Plus’ program covering two years of accidental damage to either Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

The program is roughly $60 for a new Quest 2 or $160 for a Quest Pro and can be added from within the first 60 days of purchasing either headset in the United States. Meta even offers the program for refurbished Quest 2 headsets purchased from authorized retailers, priced around $55.

Life happens. Protect your headset and in-box accessories against accidental drops, spills and more,” Meta says.

Out of the box Quest headsets include 1 year of limited coverage and that does not extend to accidental damage.

The program moves Meta’s offerings one step closer to companies like Apple, which offers the AppleCare+ program to help cover the repair of damaged iPhones, iPads, and other devices. Apple’s program also offers an option for theft and loss of its devices and there are service fees associated with certain incidents. Meta’s program doesn’t appear to have service fees associated with it while Apple’s can be paid monthly. Apple, of course, doesn’t have a mixed reality headset on the market yet but reports point to the possibility it may happen next year. Apple’s multi-decade lead in delivering consumer electronics globally is taking tens of billions of dollars of investment by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to build out the infrastructure and services to compete at that level. The Warranty Plus program, then, is the latest example of Meta working to bring its Quest line of headsets up to par with existing personal computing devices.

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