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Meta Rolls Out New Anti-Abuse Tool For Quest Devs

Meta Rolls Out New Anti-Abuse Tool For Quest Devs

Meta rolled out a new "anti-abuse solution" to developers that may impact piracy on the Quest platform.

The Platform Integrity Attestation API "detects whether your app’s server is interacting with an untampered VR device and ensures your app is authentic." The application programming interface could be used for "hardware-based app bans" or as an "anti-piracy" measure, among other use cases.

"As the Meta Quest ecosystem continues to grow, both in terms of the number of apps being distributed and the size of the Meta Quest community, it's increasingly important to instill a consistent method for validating the integrity of apps in order to provide a secure and safe user experience for everyone," explains a Meta post written for developers.

The API is pitched as also being useful for securing device authentication and protecting financial and enterprise app data. Meta pitches the tool as "leveling up the security" of apps on Quest 2, Quest Pro, and the forthcoming Quest 3 headset.

We'll be curious to hear from Quest developers to see how this API affects their work as some have been deeply impacted by piracy in the past. We will update this post with relevant comments.

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