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Meta Quest Store Gift Cards Are On The Way

Meta Quest Store Gift Cards Are On The Way

Gift cards that Quest headset owners can use toward VR software should be coming soon.

Terms and conditions covering the use of Meta Quest Store gift cards were recently spotted by users online, as noted by NyaVR on Twitter. A formal announcement from Meta will likely be made soon.

Though Meta added a way to gift people specific games some time ago, owners of Oculus (now Meta Quest) headsets have been asking for official gift cards for quite some time. The terms note that “Meta Quest Gift Cards are non-reloadable and issued in a specific amount” and “Not all items on the Meta Quest Store may be available for purchase using your Linked Card Balance.”

Purchases at the Meta Quest Store are first deducted from your Linked Card Balance. Any unused amount will remain on your Linked Card Balance. If the purchase amount exceeds your Linked Card Balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method. Your Linked Card Balance cannot be used for purchases in combination with payments using multiple credit cards,” the terms note.

The Quest headset maker is hosting its Connect event on October 11th with next steps in Meta’s VR efforts expected as the event’s focus.

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