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Meta Quest Phone App Gets Much Needed Redesign

Meta Quest Phone App Gets Much Needed Redesign

The Quest phone app got a redesign.

The Meta Quest app is required to set up a Quest headset, and can be used to install apps on it or invite friends to play VR. Quest owners have complained that the app’s previous design prioritized store marketing over controlling your headset or connecting with your online friends.

Meta appears to have listened to at least some of this feedback. The app now has a button bar at the top to quickly cast the view from your headset. Tapping the bar will bring up a screen where you can view your App Library, change your headset’s settings, or type in VR from your phone.

Below this bar is a list of your friends sorted by how recently they’ve been online, with currently online friends and open parties listed first. Tapping any friend will bring up a panel to chat or invite them to join you in VR.

Previously accessing your device or friends required clicking into the ‘Menu’ tab in the bottom left. The Friends panel in the Menu tab has your online friends listed after suggested ‘People you may know’, so bringing this to the default landing page of the app should speed up meeting up with friends in VR.

Meta typically rolls out app updates over the course of a week or more. My Meta Quest app currently shows the headset bar at the top, but not the new friends bar UI below it.

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