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Meta Interaction SDK Gets Hand Tracking Teleport Gesture With Demo Game

Meta Interaction SDK Gets Hand Tracking Teleport Gesture With Demo Game

Meta added a hand tracking teleportation system to its Interaction SDK.

The Interaction SDK is a Unity framework providing high quality common hand interactions for controllers and hand tracking. It includes direct object grabbing, distance grabbing, interactable UI elements, gesture detection, and more. This means developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and users don’t have to relearn interactions between apps using the SDK.

The next version of Interaction SDK adds gestures and visualization for teleportation and snap turning when using controller-free hand tracking. Gesture based locomotion systems like this are necessary for adding hand tracking to apps and games where you explore a virtual world.

To point to where you teleport you rotate your hand so you can see your palm, then extend your index finger and thumb while closing your other fingers. To perform the teleport, just pinch your index finger to your thumb. It’s somewhat similar to the pinch “click” used in the Quest system interface, but with your hand rotated.

Some hand tracking apps such as Waltz Of The Wizard already implement their own teleportation gesture, but Interaction SDK should let any developer add it without needing to build their own.

You can try out Meta’s hand tracking teleportation system in the First Hand demo on App Lab. It showcases many Interaction SDK features, and now has a Chapter 2 to show locomotion too.

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