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Meta Tests Members-Only Horizon Worlds For Clubs & Communities

Meta Tests Members-Only Horizon Worlds For Clubs & Communities

Meta Horizon Worlds is testing members-only worlds, enabling the platform to be used by clubs, groups, and communities.

Members-only worlds are progressing to a closed beta after beginning as an alpha test in January. They're persistent, so continue to exist even when no one is online. Creators can choose to publicly list them so anyone can place a request to become a member, or set them as unlisted so membership is only available through invitation.

Each world can have up to 150 members, of which 25 can be online concurrently.

Members-only worlds are moderated very differently to public worlds. World creators can assign other people as moderators, and can decide to only allow the world to be visitable when at least one moderator is present. Members can file reports of rule breaking to a dashboard the world creator and moderators see, instead of only being able to report to Meta.

Meta says it will "slowly roll out the ability to create members-only worlds to a randomized group of people".

Horizon Worlds Getting 3D Model Importing To Improve Graphics Quality
Horizon Worlds is getting some significant updates to its creator tools. Creators will be able to import textured 3D models made in professional PC software instead of having to build everything from shapes inside VR. They’ll also be able to import Creative Commons licensed content from model host…

An internal Meta memo leaked to The Verge last year revealed that the executive in charge of Horizon Worlds believed it was overwhelmed with "papercuts, stability issues, and bugs" and "has not found product market fit". Meta has significant updates planned for the platform though, including 3D model importing, JavaScript support, and a non-VR launch for web and mobile platforms.

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