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Meta Hackathon Winners Showcase Interesting Mixed Reality Concepts

Meta Hackathon Winners Showcase Interesting Mixed Reality Concepts
Submersed and The Digital Wardrobe Meta hackathon winners

Meta announced winners of its Presence Platform Hackathon with a pair of videos showcasing interesting mixed reality concepts.

Applicants for the hackathons held at Meta's offices in California and London were competing for the chance to win a $50,000 prize at each location. Videos for the two winners are embedded below showcasing a mixed reality clothing app and a game which fills your physical room with water leaking from the walls.

Meta says The Digital Wardrobe "was created by Isabelle Udo, Roland Smeenk, Marcus Benisty, and Vedran Skarica" and you can see in the video above how it uses Meta's tools like eye tracking, body tracking, and hand tracking.

Submersed, meanwhile, "was created by Stephen Rogers, Gabriel Williams, Wyatt Strain, and Danny Oswaldo Chavez Miranda." You have to quickly make your way around the room "to apply duct tape and ensure the water level doesn’t surpass your height."

We've seen some cool mixed reality concepts in early games like Laser Dance and Spatial Ops, but it's apparent developers are still learning how best to build games that live inside your physical environment more comfortably than existing VR experiences.

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