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Men In Black Is Getting A Location Based VR Experience At Dreamscape In LA

Men In Black Is Getting A Location Based VR Experience At Dreamscape In LA

If you’re a Men in Black fan in or near LA, you’re in luck. LA-based location based VR company Dreamscape is launching a new experience called Men in Black: First Assignment.

This will be Dreamscape’s first experience based on a major franchise or brand, which makes it the company’s biggest move yet.

The company described the experience as follows:

You will leave your identity behind, rise above the system, as you take on your first heart pounding MIB mission — escorting the royal family of Zarthania safely back to the edge of the galaxy aboard your intergalactic hoverbikes, evading the evil Octopoid alien invaders along the way and hopefully making your way back to MIB headquarters.

The experience is being produced by Walter Parkes. Parkes was the executive producer for all four Men in Black films, as well as other major films like Minority Report. He is a co-founder and co-chairman of Dreamscape. Interestingly, back in the mid 1990’s he helped found DreamWorks, so clearly he has an interest in advancements in entertainment technology.

Our goal at Dreamscape is to combine the emotional power of cinematic storytelling with the epic thrill of amusement park rides — and with MIB: First Assignment, you will truly be the hero of the adventure”, Parkes stated.

To bring this franchise to VR Dreamscape partnered with Sony Pictures VR (SPVR), the distributor of the film series. “Now anyone can be an agent. We’re excited to build on our efforts to bring more immersive entertainment experiences to more people on a bigger scale than ever before”, said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President of VR at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Dreamscape Immersive

Dreamscape launched back in November with three experiences, the same lineup as today: Alien Zoo, The Blu: Deep Rescue, and Lavan’s Magic Projector.

We’ve tried all three of Dreamscape’s current experiences, and hope to try First Assignment when it launches. You can read our hands-ons here:

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