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MelodyVR Bolsters Artist Stable With Sony Music Partnership

MelodyVR Bolsters Artist Stable With Sony Music Partnership

With VR developing as a premium and exciting new option for live events, various entities are working to secure partnerships with media companies for rights to their content. MelodyVR is largely dependant on those partnerships, giving them access to artists under different music labels, and they’ve locked in another major one that’s sure to benefit them in a big way. Following up the partnership with Warner Music in December 2016 and Universal Music Group inked in March this year, Billboard reports that Sony Music is the newest addition to the MelodyVR stable.

MelodyVR is a VR application that will give you premier access to live music events with perspectives from the stage or in the crowd. While it is only in the beta phase right now, the company has been laying a strong foundation with these music label partnerships and a recently announced deal with Microsoft that will see their content made available to all Windows 10 users.

Anthony Matchett is the CEO EVR Holdings, MelodyVR’s parent company, and a reported statement implies that having these partnerships provides “significant validation in regard to our market leading position, our ongoing success and the long-term value of our business”.

MelodyVR is being developed in a way that will see it launch with a large and diverse collection of content across all major platforms for VR and 360-degree media. It currently has a beta program that gives users early access and, if community feedback is acted upon expediently, MelodyVR could have a great future ahead.

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