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MOBA And Shooter VR Hybrid Megalith Coming To PC VR Via Steam

MOBA And Shooter VR Hybrid Megalith Coming To PC VR Via Steam

Update: Disruptive Games recently announced on Twitter that Megalith will release on Steam for PC VR headsets next week on May 8th.

Original: After an initial open beta and then somewhat rocky launch on the PSVR platform, the VR MOBA and shooter hybrid Megalith is coming to PC VR via Steam.

Megalith has had quite the history on the PlayStation VR platform over the last few years. We first learned about the game in late 2017, which was then available to try at E3 the next year. UploadVR staff member David was impressed with the game during that demo in 2018, leaving the conference eager to try out more of the game’s playable characters, or ‘Titans’, on launch.

After an open beta on PSVR later that year, the game launched exclusively for the same platform in early 2019. However, early players had some complaints about empty lobbies. This resulted in developers Disruptive Games launching a free trial that had the same features as the full game, but was restricted to only a few Titans, with the rest being locked behind the paywall of the full game. This was an attempt to get players into the game and try it out for free, while also potentially solving the empty lobby problem.

Now, a year and a bit later, Megalith is expanding onto Steam and PC VR headsets. The Steam version is ‘coming soon’ with no set release, but the Steam listing is already up. Currently, the page only lists HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows MR headsets as supported, with no mention of Valve Index support for now.

There’s no details on whether the PC VR version will follow the PSVR free trial model or whether it will simply be a full paid experience only. Likewise, there’s no word on potential crossplay with PSVR, which would definitely help with lobbies and maintaining a healthy player base.

Will you be checking out Megalith now that it’s on PC VR? Let us know in the comments.

Editor’s Note: This article originally published on March 5th, but has been updated with new information regarding the game’s upcoming release date.

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