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Sorry, Medal Of Honor Native Quest Support Wasn't Confirmed In New Trailer

Sorry, Medal Of Honor Native Quest Support Wasn't Confirmed In New Trailer

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an upcoming VR first-person shooter in development exclusively for the Oculus Rift platform from Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Titanfall and Apex Legends. But if you saw the latest trailer shown during the Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase, you might think it’s coming to Oculus Quest as well.

Admittedly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that because this newest trailer shows an image of an Oculus Quest at the end just before mentioning this in small print at the bottom:

“Compatible PC required. Link cable required for Oculus Quest.”

Honestly if you blink more than once you’re liable to miss it, but if you look really closely you can notice a cord draped behind the Quest there too. Naturally, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is compatible with Oculus Quest via Link when plugged into a VR-ready PC because, well, everything is. You still need the PC and Rift store to access the game, it’s not a new platform.

medal of honor rift quest

Other than the arguably misleading end to the trailer, it’s actually quite fantastic. There’s a less campy tone to it all when compared to the original announcement, visuals seem more polished and sharp, and I notice a bit more emphasis on blood spatter from gunshots, which makes sense, this is World War II after all. Still a bit surprising given past comments on violence from the developers.

We didn’t really learn anything new about the game other than getting a feel for its cinematic nature. The team at Respawn, some of which have worked on past Medal of Honor titles, seems to be tapping into the roots of the franchise by aiming for a more immersive movie-like experience over the gritty, grounded take that most modern military shooters go for these days.

For more details on Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond make sure and check out our past coverage on the game such as this detailed hands-on impressions from a year ago. There are still no details on the multiplayer offerings at all, but Facebook and EA have confirmed that more details on Medal of Honor are coming soon at Facebook Connect next month.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is still slated for this holiday season as an Oculus Rift platform exclusive. Stay tuned to UploadVR for more information as it’s available and in the meantime let us know what you think down in the comments below!


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