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Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond Ending Multiplayer Support On Quest & Rift

Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond screenshot

Multiplayer support ends this December for the WWII shooter Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond.

Released in 2020 on PC VR, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was the first entry in eight years for EA's once-prominent World War 2 FPS series. Developed by Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment, it reached Quest 2 a year later but now, EA's dropping support for what we consider to be Above and Beyond's best component.

On both the Rift and Quest stores a notice has been applied stating: "Multiplayer will be unavailable starting on December 1, 2023.”

As of this writing, the Steam page has mixed reviews but doesn't include a similar notice. UploadVR has reached out to EA for comment and we will update this article if we learn more. Medal of Honor's multiplayer retirement marks another high-profile shutdown following Echo VR's server closure earlier this month.

We had mixed impressions in our Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond review. Though we criticized the inconsistent pacing, we praised the multiplayer component.

If you’re eager to dive into a VR version of WWII with exciting set piece moments, authentic historical footage, and an addictively fun online multiplayer mode, then you should come away satisfied. But if you were looking for an immersive narrative wrapped up in a cutting-edge evolution of VR game design with expert pacing — don’t hold your breath.
Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond Review - Exciting Gameplay But Inconsistent Pacing
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an exciting and often epic VR shooter that brings the thrilling set pieces of WWII to VR, but suffers from inconsistent pacing and a lack of depth. Read and watch our full Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond review here. Medal of Honor:

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