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Masterpiece X Promises VR Generative AI 3D Creation Platform On Quest 2

Masterpiece X Community Library screenshot

Masterpiece X will use generative AI for a new "game-ready" 3D creation platform available on Quest 2 in early access.

Masterpiece Studio is launching Masterpiece X to develop "game-ready 3D" with a mesh alongside textures and animation. Pitched as compatible with Unity engine and "other popular apps," the store page stresses this platform is not for developers who want "to start from scratch".

Calling Masterpiece X a "3D remixing platform," you can start remixing existing models from a 'Community Library' to change their shape, style or how it moves, though importing or generating models isn't available just yet. Once done, you can then edit your 3D model and share with Masterpiece X's wider community.

The app is described as "exclusively" for the Quest platform. It's still in "early access" with a waitlist for the generative AI features. Masterpiece X is available now for free on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

"Although we haven’t released details about the 'secret sauce' of how we train our AI, what we can say is that our machine learning is done in a socially and legally responsible way," a support page for the app explains. "None of our existing AI has been trained off of copyrighted 3D models."

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