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Masterpiece Introduces Free, Non-Commercial Version Of 3D Modelling Suite

A new free version of Masterpiece Studio is available today, enabling anyone to use the tools for non-commercial purposes.

Masterpiece Studio Pro is a creative suite that give creators a way to easily make 3D character, props, animations and more. It can be used as a standalone service or integrated with other modeling apps in VR or on desktop.

The updated suite launched in early 2020, adding expanded support, features and programs. It now consists of two programs, Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion, allowing indie creators to conceptualize, create, rig, animate and export 3D models all in one workflow.

The free edition has all the same features as Masterpiece Studio Pro, with certain restrictions on exporting assets. Paid users, who are subscribed to one of the Masterpiece Studio Pro plans, can access private exporting options. The new free, non-commercial license will only cover exporting to Masterpiece’s public gallery online. The gallery can be browsed by Masterpiece users and allows them to download, modify and remix any available assets.

Masterpiece Studio VR gallery

The overall aim is for the free edition of Masterpiece Studio to encourage indie creators to get started and create without any initial costs while also building a large community of 3D creators and assets ahead of an expected increase in demand in the years to come.

The free version of Masterpiece Studio is available now via Steam and Viveport.

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