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Massive New End Space Update Upgrades Game Across All Platforms

Massive New End Space Update Upgrades Game Across All Platforms

End Space, one of the best single player-focused VR space shooters we’ve played yet, is getting a huge update today across all platforms. Whether you’re playing on PC VR via Rift or Vive, on PSVR, or even on mobile with the Go or Gear VR, this update has something for you.

In an email from Justin Wasilenko of Orange Bridge Studios, the creators of End Space, he explains the massive “Collective Update” as follows:

We have taken all the feedback received over the last months, plus all the updates we made when releasing the game for Steam and are releasing one big ‘Collective Update’ to Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

Specifically on PC we made the graphics better, the sound better, better support for HOTAS controllers, and better AI. All these changes make End Space a much more enjoyable and fun game. On top of that End Space will now be a cross buy title on Oculus Home. If you pick it up on the Oculus Rift, you will receive a free copy for the Oculus Go as well.

For the full rundown on every change you can check out the complete patch notes for Update 1.0.4 right here. Let us know what you think of this and the game itself down in the comments below!

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