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Maskmaker Arrives On Meta Quest 2 Next Month

Maskmaker Arrives On Meta Quest 2 Next Month

Six months after Vertigo Games took over publishing duties for Innerspace’s Maskmaker, a Quest 2 version is confirmed for release on December 15.

Released last year on PSVR and PC VR, Maskmaker is Innerspace’s second full VR game, following A Fisherman’s Tale back in 2019. “Since we started to work on Maskmaker we were hoping for a release on Quest 2,” said Balthazar Auxietre, Creative Director at Innerspace VR, in a prepared statement. “We’ve always been convinced that this title, an adventure full of wonder and mystery, would perfectly fit with the Quest 2 audience.”

Maskmaker is a VR adventure game which sees you become a mask maker’s apprentice and solve puzzles using your creations. You can explore the Mask Realm through a mysterious workshop, jumping between worlds to control different characters and uncover the identity of the Mask Realm’s ruler, Prospero.

We enjoyed Maskmaker in our review last year, praising its stunning art direction and world-building. Although we criticized it for being “padded with more routine and familiar gameplay, plus a heavy-handed narrative,” we also believed that the game’s best moments  “achieve an intricate balance between body-swapping puzzling that helps lift the veil on some of the story’s deeper themes.”

Maskmaker will release for Quest 2 on December 15, though pricing details remain unconfirmed. It’s available now on PSVR, alongside PC VR via Steam, Viveport, and Rift for $19.99.

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