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Marvel Powers United VR Guide: How To Play All 18 Heroes

Marvel Powers United VR Guide: How To Play All 18 Heroes

Marvel Powers United VR finally releases this week exclusively on the Oculus Rift and features a massive roster of 18 different playable heroes. We’ve broken them all down with this in-depth guide on how to play each one! This guide includes background information on each hero, as well as details on their powers and how to play them.

Before you dive into this super-powered world and go toe-to-toe with The New Masters of Evil, understand that each of these heroes plays differently and caters to different and specific playstyles. Playing this game well is about knowing your hero just as much as it is about knowing how to be a part of a team.

Black Bolt

Bio: The silent and enigmatic king of the Inhumans wields an unimaginably destructive force in his voice – a single word can level an entire city. Having undergone intense and rigorous mental training, he controls his ability with a will of steel and directs this energy into his Tuning Tool, which allows him to make precise and powerful attacks.

Strategy: Thankfully you don’t have to actually verbally yell at your Rift to use Black Bolt’s powers, although that would been a pretty immersive trick and actually make you feel like the hero you’re playing. His A ability lets him leap forward to close distances or if you point upwards then you’ll start to hover above the ground. Black Bolt only has ranged abilities, making him best used by hovering above the action and blasting away bad guys from above.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Photon Scatter: Press and hold both grip buttons to collect energy near your tuning tool on your head, point your face, and then release to shoot a large circular burst of energy.

Concussive Shot: Point and pull the trigger. Basic ranged attack.

Charged Concussive Shot: Point, hold the trigger, then release. Charged ranged attack.

Ultimate (Sonic Scream): Press X to activate and deliver an immense burst of destructive sonic energy.

Black Panther

Bio: T’Challa, king of the secluded African nation of Wakanda, was granted the powers of the Panther God, giving him incredible super-human strength, agility and endurance. As the Black Panther, T’Challa uses an advanced Vibranium-powered suit to protect his home and join his allies when they are in need of his assistance.

Strategy: When playing Black Panther you’ll want to stay incredibly mobile. If you stand around in one spot for too long you’re a sitting duck. Instead, you want to literally jump back and forth between enemies doling out big damage and controlling large groups with nifty bola bombs.

Pounce: Hold A, target an enemy, and release to lunge at them. Finish off with melee attacks to start a combo. Chain kills together this way for big bonuses.

Vibranium Claws: Hold the trigger and slash enemies. They also emit a short-range slash through the air.

Bola Bombs: Grab them from your wrist and toss them out. They’ll detonate like grenades.

Energy Daggers: These are at your hips. Reach down and grab for added energy attacks with short-range burst effect. You can also throw them at enemies for ranged damage.

Ultimate (Warrior’s Heart): Press X to activate and send shockwaves of energy across the ground at enemies.

Black Widow

Bio: A specialist in espionage, Natasha Romanova finds her true calling as the Black Widow! Using her highly trained – and deadly – skill set to protect the world, Black Widow brings a decisively strategic element to the team with her Widows Bite gauntlets, elite marksmanship, and unmatched espionage excellence.

Strategy: In terms of abilities, Black Widow is one of the most versatile characters in all of Marvel Powers United VR. She’s got consistent and steady ranged damage from her pistols and she can also pack a huge punch up-close. She may not be able to hover or pounce, but she can still quickly leap up to ledges or out of the way of danger when needed.

Widow’s Bite: These gauntlets let you deliver ranged shock damage via electricity bolts that shoot out of your fists. You can also hold the trigger to charge up the blasts.

Disc Explosive: Grab them from your wrist and throw. They’re disc-shaped, but they blow up like grenades.

Dual Pistols: You can grab them from the sides of your hips, just point and pull the trigger to shoot. This will likely end up being a popular default attack for you at range.

Electric Batons: If you’re out of options and an enemy closes the distance, reach behind your back and grab these. They do big electric damage to enemies on impact.

Ultimate (Cloaking Device): Press X to activate and become invisible. You’ll also do increased damage.

Captain America

Bio: After being injected with an experimental serum, Steve Rogers emerged from the treatment with superhuman endurance, strength, and agility as the world’s first Super Soldier: Captain America! With a strong sense of justice, indomitable will, and indestructible Vibranium shield, Captain America soon became a living symbol of justice, freedom, and liberty.

Strategy: I’m just gonna be honest and say that, in my opinion, Cap is one of the worst characters in all of Marvel Powers United VR. Using just a shield is just flat-out boring. Blocking attacks, deflecting missiles, and being able to throw the shield is neat, but he just isn’t that useful in an actual fight compared to everyone else.

Shield Throw: Grab the shield off your back with one of the grip buttons, then make a throwing motion and release it to ricochet off of enemies. You can also just point and release the button. Press the button again to return it to your hand.

Shield Lunge: Lunge at enemies with your shield drawn.

Deflect: Hold the shield up to block enemy attacks and deflect missiles back at enemies.

Ultimate (Patriot’s Duty): Press X to activate, giving all allies a boost to defenses.

Captain Marvel

Bio: Carol Danvers, an accomplished Air Force pilot, was involved in an accident exposing her to cosmic radiation, altering her genetic structure into a half-Kree superhuman with incredible powers. Donning the name Captain Marvel, she is a natural leader and one of the heaviest hitters on the team.

Strategy: Captain Marvel is essentially the default ranged character template that a lot of characters in Marvel Powers United VR are based off of. She works best while constantly hovering above the battlefield just absolutely shredding everything down below. She has a lot of power.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Energy Blast: Basic ranged attack. Point and pull the trigger to shoot or hold it down to charge up a bigger blast.

Photon Beam: Similar to the energy blast, except while holding down both triggers bring your hands together to channel the energy into an even bigger blast. Once released, it shoots continuously for several seconds.

Energy Shield: Hold both grip buttons together to create a large egg-shaped shield around you that absorbs enemy attacks.

Ultimate (Binary): Press X to activate. You become stronger, more resilient, and more powerful.


Bio: Part of the Inhuman royal family under Black Bolt’s leadership, Crystal can control the four core elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. She has mastered the manipulation of each and is able to utilize them offensively as well as with unique and powerful support abilities.

Strategy: For the most part, Crystal is kind of just like Captain Marvel, although she has specific elements tied to each of her attacks as well. Sometimes mission challenges will be element-specific, so having Crystal in a group can come in handy. She also has an extra ground-targeted ability as well.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Fire Bolt: With your left hand just point and pull the trigger to shoot a bolt of fire. Hold it then release for a bigger burst.

Water Blast: With your right hand you can point and pull the trigger to shoot a blast of water. Hold it down first, then release, for an even bigger blast.

Earth Spikes: This works well while hovering. Just hold the grip buttons and point at the ground somewhere, then pull the triggers and pull upwards to raise spikes from the ground that do big area damage.

Ultimate (Elemental Tendrils): Press X to activate. Large tendrils of either fire or water lance out at enemies and objects doing damage.


Bio: Wade Wilson was a former special forces operative who was recruited into the Weapon X program for genetic experimentation. The program’s experiments imbued him with incredibly accelerated regenerative powers, granting him virtual immortality. Turning to mercenary work and armed with his favorite hand cannons, twin katanas, and a mouth full of motivational speeches, he’s the cheerleader and unstoppable assassin of the team.

Strategy: Deadpool is another one of the more versatile heroes in Marvel Powers United VR. Between his precision-shot handcannons, automatic SMGs, deadly shurikens, and slice-and-dice ready katanas, there are lots of ways to get your hands dirty even if he does lack the flair and charm of his cinematic version.

Leap: Hold A and point somewhere then release to leap across the level. Good for covering distance quickly or getting up on or down from high places.

SMGs: Reach down at your hips to grab one in each hand. Point and pull the trigger to shoot.

Handcannons: Reach around behind your hip, at your lower back, to grab these pistols. Point and pull the trigger to shoot.

Katanas: Just reach over your shoulder to grab your katanas and swing your hands like they’re holding real swords. Simple.

Shurikens: These little guys are attached to your wrist and you’ll throw three at a time. If you trust your aim, they’re great for dispatching small, weaker enemies.

Ultimate (Fiesta): Press X to activate a festive-themed boost to all powers and health.

Doctor Strange

Bio: When an accident crippled his hands, brilliant but callous neurosurgeon Stephen Strange sought out the powerful Ancient One for a cure. Instead, the Ancient One trained him in the mystic arts to become the Sorcerer Supreme! Doctor Strange now dedicates himself to protecting the world from supernatural threats.

Strategy: Playing as the Sorcerer Supreme doesn’t feel quite as magical as it probably should have. Rather than actually employing some of his more iconic powers as seen in the comics and films, particularly portals, he’s just another cookie-cutter caster. If you like playing as Captain Marvel, Crystal, Storm, Iceman, or any other similar types then Doctor Strange is more of the same.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Flames of Faltine: Point and pull the trigger to shoot magical energy. You can even hold it down briefly to shoot a charged up burst.

Bolts of Balthakk: If you keep holding down the triggers, then the attack actually changes colors and becomes even more powerful.

Daggers of Denak: Bring your hands together while holding down the triggers to charge up this attack, then release.

Crimson Bands: Just like Crystal’s Earth Spikes you point at the ground while holding the grip buttons, then pull up while holding the trigger. However, this attack is mostly designed to ensnare enemies rather than just harm them.

Ultimate (Blessing of Terranotti): Press X to activate. Heal and resurrect allies and increased damage dealing.


Bio: Gamora Zen-Whoberi was raised by the tyrant Thanos, who conditioned her to become an unparalleled warrior. Rejecting Thanos’ cruel ways and teaming up with Star-Lord instead, Gamora puts her deadly combat skills to use as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Strategy: In terms of sheer flexibility, Gamora may be my overall favorite. She excels at ranged combat especially, but also has a lot of power at both medium and short-range as well, similar to Black Widow. She’s a good all-around option, but she doesn’t particularly excel at any facet.

Leap: Hold A and point somewhere then release to leap across the level. Good for covering distance quickly or getting up on or down from high places.

Guardian Enforcer: Grab them from hip holters, then point and shoot.

Godslayer: This is one of the most unique weapons in the game. It’s a sword on your back that, once it has been swung, has a charged up beam that you release by point and clicking. So it basically switches between melee and ranged on its own.

Energy Blades: You can snag these little daggers on your wrist holsters, slash with them, or throw them as projectile weapons.

Ultimate (Guardian’s Energy): Press X to activate. Enhance everything for a short while.


Bio: Clint Barton, one of the world’s greatest marksmen, honed his skills through rigorous training and a commitment to never miss a shot. His Bow Shot and combination of specially tipped Trick Shots keep him even on the battlefield with his team and the enemies they face.

Strategy: Other than perhaps Spider-Man and Captain America, Hawkeye is one of the only truly original characters in all of Marvel Powers United VR. His bow is a bit finicky at first, taking a little getting used to, but once you get the aiming down you can truly rain down death from above. I found him best used by perching up somewhere high in a level and just picking off enemies one by one. Hitting multiple baddies in a row is super satisfying.

Leap: Hold A and point somewhere then release to leap across the level. Good for covering distance quickly or getting up on or down from high places.

Bow Shot: Hawkeye’s basic attack. Hold the bow with your left hand grip button, then grab the arrow with your right hand and pull it back, releasing to shoot. You can punch enemies with the bow too in a pinch.

Explosive Shot: While you’ve got an arrow pulled back in the bow, press the trigger on your right hand to cycle through arrows. The explosive shot arrow will detonate on impact.

Ice Trick Shot: Press the trigger again to cycle to the ice arrow, which freezes enemies on impact. Press the trigger one more time to get back to the standard shot.

Ultimate (Arrow Storm): Press X to activate. Lock onto multiple enemies and release a massive storm of arrows that can even travel through walls.

The Hulk

Bio: When brilliant scientist Bruce Banner was caught in the detonation of an experimental gamma bomb, he was heavily irradiated, giving him the incredible, rage-fueled ability to transform into the Hulk! An enormous green-skinned being with incredible strength, durability and regenerative powers, the Hulk provides his team with heavy support and defense.

Strategy: You want me to give you tips for playing as The Hulk in this game? Here’s my tip: punch stuff. Like, everything. Pick up bad guys, throw them, smash them, do whatever you feel like you would do as the Hulk and you’re gonna be successful. He’s an absolute wrecking ball of power.

Gamma Leap: Hold A and point somewhere then release to leap across the level. Good for covering distance quickly or getting up on or down from high places, but since you’re the Hulk, it also does damage to everything around where you land.

Hulk Grab: Use the grip buttons to pick up and throw enemies. Other characters can only grab objects in the world.

Seismic Pound: Just like it sounds. Clench your fists together and slam them down towards the ground. This will send a shockwave out in front of you.

Thunder Clap: Quickly swing your arms together like you’re going to clap really hard. Don’t actually do it or you could damage your controllers! This is Hulk’s only real ranged attack and is useful for hitting enemies in the air.

Ultimate (Hulk Smash): Press X to activate. Amplifies everything.


Bio: Bobby Drake possesses the ability to lower his external and internal body temperature to below freezing. He can manipulate the moisture in the air around him, freezing it then controlling it into various forms, both offensively and defensively.

Strategy: Another ranged projectile character means another template that’s mostly copy-pasted. Your best plan of attack is to hover around above the fight and blast enemies with your ice powers from afar.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Ice Shards: Aim and press the trigger to shoot blasts, or hold down the trigger to charge up a bigger blast.

Ice Blast: For this attack you need to hold both hands together while holding down both triggers to channel a massive, sustained ice blast that lasts for several seconds.

Ice Spikes: Aim at the ground, hold the grip button to target a spot, then pull up while squeezing the trigger to have ice spikes erupt from the ground.

Ultimate (Hail Storm): Press X to activate. This will summon a massive ice storm to blast away all nearby enemies.

Rocket Raccoon

Bio: Rocket Raccoon is a genetically modified and cybernetically enhanced alien with a penchant for large explosive weaponry and shiny relics. Rocket, a mercenary turned hero, is a master tactician and weapons marksman. He has a versatile assortment of weaponry and gadgets for any occasion, making him a pint sized powerhouse and invaluable asset to the tea.

Strategy: Rocket is one of the best pure-ranged heroes in the game — especially if you like guns. His default Blasters are solid damage dealers if you’ve got decent aim and his Scatter Rifle packs a bunch for short or medium range enemies. Then with his Sticky Bombs he has a versatile area attack that can be applied to any surface. As long as you stay in the air, hovering above the mayhem, you’ll be in a good spot.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Blasters: Just like Gamora, Black Widow, Star Lord, and others, you’ve got two standard blasters at your hips, one for each hand, that you can grab with the grip buttons.

Scatter Rifle: Over your shoulders there’s a powerful Scatter Rifle that excels at close and medium range. Since the shots scatter, it doesn’t do well from a long distance.

Sticky Bomb: These nifty bombs are on your wrists and you can toss them out to stick onto any surface using the grip buttons. That includes walls, floors, ceilings, and even objects in the world.

Ultimate (Peacemaker): Press X to activate, summons a large, automated turret.


Bio: A bite from a radioactive spider granted Peter Parker amazing arachnid-like powers. He uses incredible strength, spider agility, and powerful web shots to protect New York City as the Amazing Spider-Man!

Strategy: Let’s address the eight-legged elephant in the room immediately: no, you cannot swing as Spider-Man in Marvel Powers United VR. Yes, that sucks. However, if you take the time to learn his skillset, he’s still a lot of fun to play and can function as a great option in a group setting, but isn’t super effective to play as solo. Many of his abilities are best used to set up combos with other teammates and can be fun playing alone, but you won’t rack up as many points as you would with other characters most of the time.

Leap: Hold A and point somewhere then release to leap across the level. Good for covering distance quickly or getting up on or down from high places. Spidey also has a variation on this in that he can pull himself towards ledges and perches using his webs instead of the Leap as well.

Web Shot: Point the controller and press the grip button to shoot webs out of either hand. It helps with aiming if you twist your wrists around to aim like Spidey does in the comics and movies. You can hold it down for extra webbing on enemies to really tie them up.

Web Tether: Once you’ve webbed an enemy, keep holding the grip button and then pull the enemy towards you and follow that up with a punch to finish him off. Or, you can fling the enemy off to the side, into a wall, into another enemy, or into the ceiling to have them dangle there in a web cocoon. You can also use this ability to pull barrels and other objects into your hands.

Spider Drones: Reach onto each of your wrists to grab little tiny Spider Drones that can shock and stun enemies when they make contact after being thrown.

Ultimate (Electro-Web): Press X to activate. This gives all of your webs an electric charge causing extra damage. Just stand back and rapid fire Web Shots for loads of damage — especially on bosses.

Star Lord

Bio: Intergalactic adventurer Peter Quill grew up in outer space alongside the pirate-like alien Ravagers. He soon became known as the intrepid Star-Lord, travelling the cosmos with the Guardians of the Galaxy to seek their fortune.

Strategy: Once again, we’ve got another template ranged character. He’s basically Rocket again with very few changes. Which means you’ll hover around above the level, shoot enemies from afar, and toss out some grenades for area damage. That’s really about it. Simple and effective.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Elemental Guns: Grab these from your hip with the grip buttons and pull the triggers to  shoot. You’ll do this a lot as Star Lord.

Elemental Charge: Hold down the triggers on either gun to build up an elemental charge attack for even bigger damage.

Polarity Grenade: Grab these from your wrist and toss them out. Boom.

Ultimate (Dance Floor): Press X to activate. Enemies are lured into dancing when you’re nearby and it lowers their defenses making them easier to take out. It’s actually pretty funny.


Bio: Storm has earned her rightful place as one of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful beings. From her ancestral heritage, she possesses the ability to control the elemental forces of weather. Striking with lightning at the enemy vanguard or sweeping them aside with large cyclones, she has the power to turn the tide for the team.

Strategy: We are nearing the end of the list now so you can start to see the repetition very clearly. It should come as no surprise then that Storm plays almost identically to Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Crystal, and Iceman. The only difference is that she has electric powers instead of magical energy or ice. Just hover above the fight and rain down lightning from above all game.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Lightning: Point to aim, pull the trigger to shoot a burst of lightning.

Lightning Strike: Point to aim, hold down the trigger to charge it up, then release to send out a big burst of lightning to a single point.

Whirlwind Surge: Hold both hands together while holding down the triggers to build up energy, then release the triggers to erupt a massive surge at a single spot for several sustained seconds.

Cyclones: Aim at the ground while holding a grip button, then hold the trigger and pull upwards to summon enormous cyclones to wreak havoc.

Ultimate (Lightning Storm): Press X to activate and summon a massive hailstorm to blow away enemies.


Bio: The son of Odin, Thor is the Norse god of thunder and lightning. He wields one of the greatest weapons ever forged: the powerful and enchanted hammer known as Mjolnir. With Mjolnir, Thor can unleash incredible lightning attacks and deliver devastating blows to enemies.

Strategy: This is going to sound a little silly, but hear me out. Mechanically, I’d say Thor is kind of like a mixture of Captain America and Storm into one powerhouse of electricity. He’s easily one of the best characters in this game in terms of versatility and pure fun — it really feels a lot like you’re playing as Thor. He’s at his best when up close and personal, but can do a lot of damage from a distance as well. I’d recommend starting out from a distance, then closing in to take out large groups effectively.

Hover: Aim up and press A to hover. Point down and press A to come back to earth.

Lightning Bolts: Reach down at your side to grab the hammer then point and press the trigger to shoot a bolt of lightning.

Hammer Spin: Instead of tapping the trigger to shoot, hold the trigger down to start spinning the hammer. This alone can be used to damage nearby enemies.

Hammer Throw: While spinning the hammer, gesture outwards and release it to throw the hammer at enemies. You can press grip to call it back to your hand as well.

Hammer Slam: While spinning the hammer, slam your hand down towards the ground.

Ultimate (God of Thunder): Press X to activate, enhances damage to all enemies.


Bio: Wolverine was born with amazing abilities, including razor sharp claws, superhuman senses, and a regenerative healing factor that enabled to heal himself from any wound. Wolverine joined the X-Men to use his abilities to protect mutantkind, and his lethal close-quarter combat skills make him a key member of any team’s vanguard lineup.

Strategy: If you just want to tear into enemies relentlessly, but with a little more finesse and visceral feedback, then Wolverine is for you. He plays similarly to Black Panther, but his claws pack a serious punch and actually have a good amount of range. Once you’re comfortable with melee combat, Wolverine is just a blast to let loose on groups of bad guys.

Pounce/Leap: Hold A, target an enemy, and release to lunge at them. Finish off with melee attacks to start a combo. Chain kills together this way for big bonuses. Or you can treat it like a normal leap.

Draw Claws: Hold the trigger on either hand to draw your claws, which enhances all attacks and lets you stab objects to pick them up.

Adamantium Slash: Just slash and swipe at the air or at enemies to rip them to pieces. If you swing hard enough it sends out a projection of your slash for short-ranged damage.

Cross Slash: Cross your claws across your chest, wait for it to charge and pulse, then slash them outwards to send a big X-shaped projectile out in front of you. Lots of damage and a good mid-range distance attack.

Ultimate (Berserker Rage): Press X to activate. Healing is amplified, and damage is doubled for a short period.

For more on Marvel Powers United VR, make sure to check our detailed information dump and full review right here. Let us know what you think of the game if you’ve had a chance to play down in the comments below!

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