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Man Loses Over 50 Pounds Using A Virtual Reality Bicycle

Man Loses Over 50 Pounds Using A Virtual Reality Bicycle

A man in Cambridge, Massachusetts has lost over 50 pounds through the use of a virtual reality bicycle.

William Brierly is 36-years-old. He works on marketing and public relations for a VR startup known as VirZoom. VirZoom has created a combined hardware/software product that syncs virtual reality experiences to your efforts on a stationary bicycle. VirZoom offers several different peddle-powered mini-games to try out including one that puts you on the back of a unicorn and one that lets you man a tank.

After joining the team, Brierly decided to get high on his own supply. Several months later, he has now shed over 50 pounds. In an interview with UploadVR, Brierly explains that the impending arrival of his first child motivated him to lose some weight. He found a natural partner in the VirZoom technology.

“I only work on something if I truly believe in it,” Brierly said. “I was impressed with VirZoom before I even took the job and so I thought why not give this a shot for myself.”

Brierly’s routine includes spending between 20-30 minutes on the VirZoom bicycle with a VR headset on around two to four times per week. The game-like experiences kept him coming back and created a non-threatening atmosphere for continued exercise.

“I think of it like kayaking,” Brier said. “You’re out there and are just totally distracted and immersed by this beautiful environment.  In the headset I could get into that same mindset and focus more on what was around me than whether or not I was getting tired.”

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Brierly says he really hasn’t partaken in any other form of regular exercise during this weight loss period beyond his time on the VirZoom bicycle. He has, however, combined his immersive cardiovascular routine with a change in diet that focuses on lower carbs and more green vegetables.

“I just realized that like one piece of bread could undo my complete 30 minute workout,” Brierly jokes. “Instead I got a big bowl and started making a lot more salads.”

Today, Brierly has dropped around 56 pounds and is well on his way to hitting his goal weight of 180 pounds. He says he feels better, healthier and more energetic than ever. Which is perfect since he now has a new workout partner to keep up with.


Brierly’s advice to anyone out there with a VR headset and a few extra pounds to lose is: “Just try it. Don’t worry about getting sweat on the face plate or having a bad time. Try all sorts of things and my guess is that, eventually, you will find something you like.”

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