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Here’s How You Make Music In VR

Here’s How You Make Music In VR

You can now see what it is like to make music in VR.

The devleoper behind VR music app Exa recently integrated with the MixCast toolset for recording mixed reality videos. The tools make it much easier for people to record VR software perfectly synced up to footage from a camera showing what a person is doing.

We’ve seen all sorts of mixed reality videos for games as well as creative apps like Tilt Brush showing people making art, and the approach continues to be the best way to show people what it’s like to do something in VR. So when I saw that Exa was integrating the feature I immediately asked developer Zach Kinstner whether he’d be making a video showing off music creation. He just spent the last few days putting together one and shared it with us.

It took Kinstner a couple days to put the video together only because he carefully composed the song first and arranged his virtual instruments ahead of time. He estimates it took six hours to compose the music and arrange the instruments, four hours to pick out the shots and perform the parts and a couple more hours to edit the video.

“You don’t *need* to pre-compose all the music and plan out the video in advance, but I wanted to have that stuff all set so I could do the MR recordings in a single block of time,” Kinstner wrote in a message. “And I wanted to have the virtual space planned out nicely so that we could see my robot companions playing in the background while I performed the new parts.”

He’s actually done mixed reality videos before, but the MixCast solution from Blueprint Reality is easier to set up and includes some other helpful features.


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