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Magic Leap's Roadmap Includes Two 6DOF Controllers And 'Large-Scale' Mapping

Magic Leap's Roadmap Includes Two 6DOF Controllers And 'Large-Scale' Mapping

At the first-ever Leap Con event in Los Angeles, Magic Leap executives staff got on stage to discuss the company’s bold vision and technology. During the keynote today, Yannick Pellet, SVP of Software at Magic Leap, discussed the company’s future roadmap through the first quarter of 2019.

You can see the roadmap for the Magic Leap One, which was shown on-screen, below:

For example, by the end of this year they intend to have remote casting for avatar chat with up to three participants, full customization, MPEG-DASH support “for streaming”, and webview support.

Then in the first quarter of 2019 that’s when it starts to really get juicy. The first thing on the agenda for next year is “two 6DOF controller support in the SDK” according to Pellet, which would dramatically enhance the type of things developers can create. It also implies controllers will be available separately for purchase. This would also include a “basic hand occlusion mask” as well.

After that is a spectator view support via a mobile phone companion app, MagicScript language, and even the ability for large-scale mapping for large areas much bigger than normal rooms.

This was just a, “small overview of what’s coming in the next few months,” said Pellet. “Everything we have been creating and will be creating is done with developers and creators in mind. We want you to help us build this together.”

What on this roadmap gets you most excited? Let us know down in the comments below!

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