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Low-Fi Oozes Gritty Cyberpunk VR Style In Latest Trailer

Low-Fi Oozes Gritty Cyberpunk VR Style In Latest Trailer

The latest Low-Fi trailer debuted today during the UploadVR Summer VR Showcase 2020 and it’s still looking just as cyberpunk and stylish as ever with a planned release for sometime this year in 2020 for PC VR. Apparently a PlayStation 5 version is in development as well.

Watch the latest trailer right here:

If you’ve been following this game since its original reveal and/or Kickstarter success, then there isn’t too much new information in that trailer. We got a few glimpses and clips of areas we haven’t seen before, as well as some nice footage of the cyber doggo walking alongside the main character, but not too much else.

More than anything, this trailer is just good reassurance that development seems to be going well. It’s difficult to overstate just how ambitious of a project Low-Fi looks to be, especially for a team of this size, but after Technolust, which was great, we’re optimistic about its chances.

Low-Fi is being billed as a completely open-ended non-linear VR game with a rich and detailed atmosphere. If it can deliver, there is a lot to be excited for here.

We don’t have a release date or release month yet, but IRIS VR continues to proclaim that Low-Fi will release later this year for PC VR headsets. If you want to try an early alpha version of the game right now, you can pay for that access right now, which will include a copy of the full game once it releases.

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