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Lone Echo II Comes To Oculus Rift Store This Summer

Lone Echo II Comes To Oculus Rift Store This Summer

The long wait for a sequel to one of VR’s best games is scheduled to end this summer with the release of Lone Echo II.

The mechanics in the 2017 single-player zero-g game became the basis of Ready At Dawn’s other Echo games, the free-to-play competitive sport Echo Arena and multiplayer shooter Echo Combat. The single-player game focuses on the relationship between a player-controlled a cybernetic A.I. called Jack that embodies robotic shells, accompanied by Captain Olivia “Liv” Rhodes.

The latest teaser video presented by Facebook in its gaming showcase event offers a sense of the mysterious space environments the duo are set to explore in the sequel after the cliffhanger ending in the first game that left us wanting more.

The game is officially launching on the “Rift Platform” which means it will be playable on a VR-capable PC with a Rift, Rift S and on Oculus Quest or Quest 2 with a wired or wireless Oculus Link or Air Link connection. Ready At Dawn was purchased by Facebook in 2020 but other PC VR headsets can usually access Oculus exclusives via a software solution like Revive, but we’ll likely have to wait until release of the game to confirm that. There’s also a chance it could come to SteamVR just like Medal of Honor, but there was no word on that today.

We still don’t know much about the sequel and we don’t want to spoil the original since there are so many people who will likely explore the game for the first time in anticipation of Lone Echo II. But we do have eight new screenshots shared by Facebook for you to peruse hinting at some of the things you’ll see in the new game.

Are you excited to revisit Lone Echo and see where Ready At Dawn takes the story in this much-anticipated sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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