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Livestream Schedule For Week Of Feb. 4th: The Mage's Tale On PSVR

Livestream Schedule For Week Of Feb. 4th: The Mage's Tale On PSVR

Update: We’re canceling the stream for Friday, February 8th, due to simply having too many other things going on that need our attention! It’s a busy time right now. We’ll be back next week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday over on Twitch!

Original: Did you know we stream games over on Twitch? We’ve moved all of our VR game streams to Twitch and want you to help us build a community. We’re affiliated now which means you get a fancy loyalty badge for subscribing and will unlock custom emotes that you can use across all of Twitch with our cute little VR-ified faces.

Every week we will post a new Livestream Schedule for the week. You can click here to see all past livestream archives and scheduled streams. This way everyone can anticipate what’s coming for the week and know when to tune in. If you have suggestions for games you want to see us stream next, leave those ideas down in the comments below!

We’ll embed archived versions of each stream after they’re done and if we’re live right now when you’re reading this then you can watch right here.

The Mage’s Tale On PSVR – Thursday / Friday from 12:30PM – 3:30PM PT

Watch live video from UploadVR on

For this week on Thursday and Friday we will be streaming The Mage’s Tale on PSVR. inXile’s RPG adventure originally released on Oculus Rift with Touch a year and a half ago, then was ported to Vive, and is now released on PSVR as of just a few days ago. Here is our review of the PSVR version if you’re curious about the game itself.

In it you play as a budding magical apprentice that must track down and rescue your kidnapped master as you solve puzzles, explore dungeons, fight enemies, and learn powerful new spells along the way. It’s a really solid RPG and does a great job taking advantage of the benefits VR brings.

Let us know any other games you want to see in the comments down below!

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