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Live Performers Returning To The Under Presents From April 1

Live Performers Returning To The Under Presents From April 1

Live actors are returning to Tender Claws’ experience The Under Presents for a limited run starting from April 1.

The Under Presents launched in late 2019, as a wholly unique VR experience that merged single player, multiplayer, social VR and live theater together into one surreal package. There’s a whole single player campaign to work through, but there’s also a multiplayer and social side to the experience that blends pre-recorded and live segments together and is ever-changing.

In July 2020, Tender Claws ran a different kind of live-in-VR performance, which introduced a new 45 minute interpretation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest presented with live actors in The Under Presents. At the time, we called it “unlike anything else in virtual reality right now” and performances returned for a second run in 2021.

Three years on from release, many of the original cast members are returning for a “limited engagement” of new live performances in The Under Presents. From April 1, players will be able to view these new performances that feature “new story beats and mini events to explore.”

You can see a glimpse of what to expect in the video embedded above, tweeted by Tender Claws, showing a giant (and presumably live) skeleton bend down to pick up an item and interact with players.

Tender Claws is known as a studio that pushes the boundaries of VR and examines the medium through a surrealist, critical lens across varied types of experiences. Its most recent release, Virtual Virtual Reality 2, was a very different project that was equally ambitious as The Under Presents, but not quite as successful in its execution.

Will you be returning to The Under Presents for new live performances? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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