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Little Cities Cracks Top 10 On Quest Store Top Selling List

Little Cities Cracks Top 10 On Quest Store Top Selling List

City building simulator Little Cities cracked into the top 10 of the Top Selling list on the Quest Store yesterday, just over a week after launch.

The Quest Top Selling section is updated live, listing the top selling titles on the store in descending order. At the time of writing, Little Cities sits at the twelfth position on the list, but nDreams Community Manager Jimmy Bowers confirmed in a tweet that it made it to the number ten position for a brief period yesterday.

It’s an impressive feat for Little Cities, which was widely regarded as the underdog in the recent battle for best city simulator on Quest, with Cities: Skylines spin-off Cities: VR releasing just a few weeks before it.

The list of top sellers on Quest remains pretty stable a lot of the time.  Massively popular games like Beat Saber, Job Simulator, Superhot, Onwards, Population: One and Saints & Sinners are almost always featured in the top ten, with room for only a few others to rotate in and out if they sell enough.

For Little Cities to make it onto the top of the list, even for a brief moment, should signal that it’s selling quite well at the moment compared to other staple titles.

We loved Little Cities when we reviewed it earlier this month, thanks to the way it distills the best elements of the genre in a new presentation that feels perfectly designed for VR. The game’s development was largely driven by two people — James and Kelly Howard, who make up indie UK studio Purple Yonder — alongside publishing support from nDreams.

Little Cities is available now on the Quest platform.

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