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'Lightsaber Battle' Confirmed For Vader Immortal On Quest

'Lightsaber Battle' Confirmed For Vader Immortal On Quest

‘A panel at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration will detail “breakthroughs” with “lightsaber battle” in Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series.

The panel will be streamed live at 11:30 am Pacific time on April 12.

Little is known about the Darth Vader-focused VR series from writer and executive producer David S. Goyer, but the panel will bring him and “narrative designer Mohen Leo to discuss the creation of the first installment, while Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive Matt Martin will explore how the project ties into the broader Star Wars canon.” Facebook’s Colum Slevin, who previously worked at Lucasfilm, will be there as well discussing the project’s debut on Oculus Quest.

The teaser for the project at the OC5 VR developer conference revealed a fiery planet and the promise of going toe-to-toe with the dark lord. Until now, though, lightsaber battle hasn’t been formally confirmed for the game.

ILMxLab is the group responsible for virtual pet Project Porg on the Magic Leap AR headset as well as the VR attraction Secrets Of The Empire, available at VOID locations. In 2016, the group released the experimental Trials On Tattooine on Steam for Vive headsets featuring a brief encounter with the Millenium Falcon and R2-D2.

Facebook is slowly revealing its list of launch titles for its Oculus Quest standalone, and Vader is playing a major part in the company’s marketing.

“This is the one I’ve been searching for,” Vader says in the most recent ad.

We’ll be watching the Star Wars Celebration panel stream live and will share any meaningful updates.

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