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Light Painting In 360º Photos Is Mesmerizing [Gallery]

Light Painting In 360º Photos Is Mesmerizing [Gallery]

The last time we heard from Kert Gartner, he was breaking boundaries establishing the best way to showcase VR to someone outside of a headset, mixed reality capture. But when Gartner is not busy creating new ways for the industry to market itself, he loves to experiment with photography techniques – like painting with light in 360º.

Light painting is nothing new, it has been around in early photography since the late 1800s, but using a 360º camera allows you to create some really awesome effects – like these “little planet” style photos that Gartner just released. Taken using a Ricoh Theta S, Gartner created the effect by setting a long exposure time on the camera and then ‘painting’ in the air around the camera with the light source – the result is pretty mesmerizing.

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You can check out more of the cool stuff Gartner is working on at his website.

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