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Les Mills XR Dance Delivers A New Fitness Program Tomorrow On Quest

Les Mills XR Dance

Les Mills XR Dance brings a new fitness program to Quest, featuring over 45 songs tomorrow.

Following Les Mills Bodycombat, XR Dance features over 25 dance routines and Odders Lab is partnering with EDM record label Monstercat for the soundtrack. Choreographed for different music styles like pop, club and more across three difficulty levels, you're guided by the Les Mills Dance program's official presenters - Gandalf, Danni, Bianca, Summer and Meno. Here's the extended trailer:


While XR Dance can be played in a full VR environment, developer Odders Lab confirms that XR Dance also supports mixed reality, similar to Bodycombat following its recent update. A press release confirms that post-launch content is in the works and that will arrive across future updates "over the following months."

We had positive thoughts in our Les Mills Bodycombat impressions last year. Though we thought it wasn't the most inventive VR fitness app going, we considered it a "polished, effective and fun workout experience" on Quest that "gets the basics right." Compared to Supernatural and FitXR, we also praised Bodycombat for using a one-time fee over an ongoing subscription plan.

Les Mills XR Dance reaches the Meta Quest platform on December 14 for $29.99, and anyone who pre-orders will receive a 20% discount.

Notice: This article, originally published on December 6, 2023, was updated on December 13, 2023, to reflect tomorrow's launch and add an extended trailer.

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