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Lenovo Targets Business Training With Mirage S3 Standalone VR Headset Priced Under $450

Lenovo Targets Business Training With Mirage S3 Standalone VR Headset Priced Under $450

Lenovo is targeting its standalone 3dof headset the Mirage VR S3 toward training uses at businesses.

Facebook removed Oculus Go from its business program choosing instead to focus on its Oculus Quest for business targeting a $1,000 price with enterprise-level support. In the United States, the price for a Mirage VR S3 is “under $450” according to a Lenovo representative. It was built in cooperation with Pico Interactive. The headset is also included in Lenovo’s VR classroom effort as well.

The headset is a 3dof system like the Go which means the world feels locked to your head when you lean forward, backward, or to the side. While limiting in terms of interactivity, that sort of system is also easy to setup and use and has made inroads worldwide in some training applications. Its a nice fit, for example, for 360-degree video projects that might be used in a training program. The VR S3 is pitched as featuring integrated audio and “a 4K display for clearer visuals, hands-free control for utilization with or without the provided controller, and an easy to clean, hygienic face plate suitable for mass use,” according to Lenovo.

The system runs Lenovo’s ThinkReality software platform for distributing and managing applications on the headset. The commercial offering includes Lenovo’s Integrated Solutions Support service with access to a dedicated phone line for support with “proactive case management and escalation assistance.”

The Lenovo Mirage VR S3 should be available in Q3 2020 in North America, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain.


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